About Us

ESSENTIAL PHARMACEUTICAL CORP. found in 1986 by Dr. Bruce Lin and Mrs. Rebecca Lin. Our company concentrate in health food supplements development and production. After 20 years in business, ESSENTIAL PHARMACEUTICAL CORP. has become a successful leader in the production of private labeling of nutritional dietary supplements and all kinds vitamins in powder, granular, tablets, capsules, soft gel and Liquid (including pouches, patches, tea bags, cosmetics products). We have formed strong relationships with international and domestic wholesalers, exporters, and retailers. We provide health food supplements not only in United States, but also all over the world such as Europe, Canada, Taiwan, Japan, Korean, China, Hong Kong, and Singapore etc.

ESSENTIAL PHARMACEUTICAL CORP. is a FDA licensed nutritional health food manufacturer that provides health food formulation, manufacture and package includes tablets, capsules, powders, Granular, and liquids ext. We manufacture all our products under USDA and GMP standard. With advanced technologies and efficient management, Essential maintains the highest standards for quality control and assurance of its products to ensure repeat purchases by consumers.

ESSENTIAL PHARMACEUTICAL CORP. has thousands of formulations for vitamins, herbs, and nutritional products. Our experienced formulation specialist Dr. Bruce Lin also presents his special functional products. Over the years, our repeat customers have proved the success of his formulas. All our company's products are mostly made by natural raw material to guarantee our consumers health.

Essential Pharmaceutical Corp. not only provides an extensive product line, but the professional service of an experienced sales force to ensure buyer's needs are met. Our plant is organized for producing long and short runs so minimum order quantities are tailored to the customer's sales. Both small and large companies can purchase private label products in quantities that are needed. This lowers inventories, creates faster turns, and leaves no outdated merchandise, all generating increased profits for the customer.

All of Essential’s products are equal to the national brands in formulation, packaging and quality. ESSENTIAL PHARMACEUTICAL CORP. maintains the highest standards for quality control and assurance of its products to ensure repeat purchases by consumers. We continually strive to maintain our unwavering reputation for delivery of exceptional products, services and dependability.